What is the New Girls' Network?

The New Girls' Network is about unlocking the latent, innate talents that women have to massive, positive effect. Men are welcome to join the revolution of course: women don't have a fixed monopoly on these 'superpowers'; just a headstartů

Right now, women are delivering great achievements at work and in their communities. Women don't need to become like men to get ahead and treating the advancement of women as a problem misses their potential. Women have innate talents that can make work more fulfilling and supercharges performance.

Unleashing abilities women already have we can catapult women from their existing successes to mass performance. Everyone benefits from this: colleagues, organisations, the economy, our community as a whole and of course women themselves.

What are these superpowers?

Women have natural headstart in certain skills that high can benefit both society and business. We like to call them 'superpowers'. The skills include diplomacy, empathy, deep listening, collaboration, lack of ego, ability to read faces, lateral thinking, intuiting situations, charm, charisma, humour and a wider perspective not seen frequently enough in the halls of power.

Acting with integrity to raise the status of those around you without diminishing your own worth are characteristics of the most successful leaders in the world. Performance improves because impact improves.

Personal impact isn't the sole domain of superstars or a few leading lights of business, who were seemingly born with it. It can be taught, modelled, learnt and even practiced. The breakthrough for women is that they typically have an innate ability to raise the status of other people, often based on their ability to be empathetic. This means they have an enormous headstart in practicing high status charm.

How is the New Girls' Network unleashing the revolution?

The key to the unleashing the 'superpower' revolution is critical mass. To achieve this critical mass, the New Girls' Network goal is to hand the keys to the superpower cupboard out to as many people as possible. To kick the revolution off The New Girls' Network will host an event on 10 May in London. We will work with sponsors to take the movement to a far wider audience helping more women unlock the 'superpowers' they didn't even realise they had. Three experts who routinely work with audiences in blue-chip companies will help audience members unleash the 'why, what and how' of successful women.

Why: Dr Anne Moir, neuro-psychologist, is author of "Brainsex" academic and film maker, with a PhD in development genetics from the University of Oxford. She will explain what neurological and bio-chemical factors tend to make some behaviours more or less likely for each gender. This helps us to understand what behaviour might be being driven by neurology and bio-chemistry. Anne also explains how the brain is plastic and we can change behaviours that are unproductive and enhance tendencies that are powerful.

What: Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris, author of "Beyond the Boys' Club" and "Female Breadwinners" holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. She will explain what constitutes effective behaviour for outstanding performance and what are the activities in which high performing women consistently engage.

How: Deborah Frances-White is a writer, comedian and host of sellout comedy show "How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep with You". She will then describe how to achieve the high performance behaviours described by Suzanne, while avoiding those neurological and bio-chemical triggers Anne describes to make the most of our natural 'superpowers'.