Deborah Frances-White

Deborah Frances-White is a stand up comic, screenwriter and leading business speaker and executive coach. Deborah regularly delivers her signature seminar How to Be a Charismatic Woman in a Man's World to major investment banks, city law firms and media and advertising companies. Deborah delivers her popular seminar series on charisma in London and New York. She is currently writing a book on the subject. Her last book, on improvisation, is going into second edition with Metheun. She performs her solo stand up comedy show monthly in the West End.

Deborah's passion for women's development in the workplace led her to collaborate with Dr Anne Moir and Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris on the New Girls' Network. Our mission is to work with women to unleash their super-powers.

Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD is an author, academic, entrepreneur, international speaker and accredited executive coach specialising in strategic career development and leadership coaching for high-potential executive women. She is author of Beyond The Boys Club: Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Field and Female Breadwinners: How they Make Relationships Work and Why They are the Future of the Modern Workforce. Dr. Doyle-Morris is International Coach Federation accredited and is a member of the Professional Speakers Association. She is a top expert on gender equality, diversity in the workplace and career progression for executive women.

As a native of Washington DC who has lived and worked in four countries, Suzanne's niche expertise has an international perspective, relevant for today's flat-world marketplace. She lives in Scotland and has worked with executive women within Microsoft, Accenture, Ernst and Young, Unilever, RBS, Barclays Wealth,University of Cambridge, Societe Generale, Clifford Chance, O2 and Coca Cola Hellenic among others.

Suzanne has always been fascinated by stories of successful career women. She has a BA in Women's Studies & Psychology. She received her MPhil and subsequent PhD in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge in the UK where her doctoral dissertation focused on the career experiences of women working in male-dominated fields. She founded Doyle Morris Coaching & Development in 2005 - renamed FemaleBreadwinners in 2011 - to help organisations develop and retain their female talent. You can find out more about her at

Dr Anne Moir

Dr Anne Moir is an expert in the rapidly developing science of neuropsychology. She gained her doctorate in Developmental genetics from Oxford University and is also an award-winning documentary producer/director/writer and author of three international best selling books. Brain Sex: The real difference between men and women, A Mind to Crime and Why Men Don't Iron.

In recent years, the academic and teaching side of Anne's career is resuming centre stage. She is now a regular tutor for the Human Givens College teaching the importance of gender differences to psychotherapy; especially understanding the opposite sex. She is also working with schools to teach the teachers how to used brain-based techniques to improve learning and with business and individuals to promote gender intelligence in the workplace. Understanding the differences between the sexes is a key to business success in the 21st Century. This knowledge is a powerful tool for positive change. Brainsex matters whether you are seeking to finalize a multi-million dollar deal, establish marital harmony or negotiate curfew time with your teenage children. For more information


Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan decided, after 13 years as a BBC producer, that she was an entrepreneur. She's since founded and led three software companies, one oil and gas trading business and a TV consultancy. Named one of the "Top 25" by Streaming Media magazine and one of the "Top 100 Media Executives" by The Hollywood Reporter, she now writes, teaches and talks about the world of work. Her first two books - 'THE NAKED TRUTH: A Working Woman's Manifesto' and 'WOMEN ON TOP: How Female Entrepreneurs are Changing the Rules for Business Success' - look at how women are changing (and being changed by) the world of work. Her current book 'WILFUL BLINDNESS: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril' made her the only woman to be shortlisted for the 2011 Financial Times Best Business Book award. Margaret also blogs for CBSMoneywatch, and the Huffington Post and her fourth play MRS UPDIKE will be broadcast on Radio 3 later this year. She teaches at business schools around the world and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath. She has two very independently-minded children and a scientific husband.

Fiona Thompson

Fiona Thompson has had a career spanning banking at JP Morgan, politics as a crime policy advisor for the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, strategy consulting with McKinsey & Company and corporate social responsibility with the miner Rio Tinto. Fiona is now focusing on building social enterprises (organisations that have a dual focus on creating social impact and trading surpluses). She is using her experience in social responsibility, finance and crime policy to build an organisation that delivers rehabilitation services to reduce re-offending in people leaving prison and those at risk of offending. Fiona also founded Hecate Capital, which links social enterprises with investment capital from social investors. Her experience in women's development includes having been a Director of the City Women's Network in London and on the women's network board of most organizations she has worked in. Fiona read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Magdalen College Oxford. She attended school in Australia, New Zealand and Germany and now lives in London.

Barbara-Ann King

Barbara-Ann King is responsible for the Female Client Group in Barclays, established in 2011 to acknowledge the increasing need to attract engage and retain women as clients of financial services Barbara-Ann was CIO for Barclays Stockbrokers and sat on its Executive and Management Committees. A well recognised voice in her professional field, Barbara-Ann is a key spokesperson for the firm and joined Barclays in 2006 to build its alternative investments business for which she was formerly Global Head at Citi Wealth Management holding positions in London and New York. A former lawyer, Barbara-Ann has held key senior roles in business in the field of intellectual property and business valuation as well as in academia in Europe. Barbara-Ann is a renowned ambassador for developing women in business, is consulted on multiple cross-sector programmes in the arena and has received a number of industry accolades for both her professional work and her focus on promoting women including a Barclays Woman of The Year 2009, Women in The City for outstanding achievement for Financial Services and was names on of the Top 100 Women in Finance by Financial News in 2010.

Fiona O'Hara

Fiona O'Hara Senior Executive Sponsor, Human Capital & Diversity at Accenture. Fiona is a member of Accenture's UK & I Executive Leadership team responsible for Human Capital Strategy and Diversity. In Sept 2011 she was also appointed as the global Director of Operations for Accenture's Technology division. Fiona joined Accenture in 1995 and has spent her time working in the telecoms and media sectors and more recently energy and utilities sectors. Prior to her appointment as global director of Operations for Technology, she was the director of operations for EALA for Accenture's Resources industry division. Her specialisation is commercial deal constructs and complex deal negotiation and her passion is to drive the diversity agenda. Fiona is an honours graduate in business management from Queen's University, Belfast. She has a son and daughter and is a keen horsewoman, often competing on the dressage circuit.